André Odoh Nigerian pour Open de Cote d'ivoire

Ivory Cost Open, the Nigerian eagle loses its feathers

Ivory COST Open, the Nigerian eagle loses its feathers

In Africa, Nigeria is a giant. And this, in many areas. So when Nigeria lands somewhere in Africa, it is with respect that the green eagle is greeted.

No Nigerian on the podium 

Nigeria (7 golfers) was the second largest contingent of professional golfers at the Ivory Coast Open after Ghana (9 golfers). But in golf tournaments, the number of the delegation does not count. One can be alone in the world and win the grail. Nevertheless, in the TOP 10, Nigeria will place 6 of its 8 golfers. Without even the merit of placing a golfer on the podium (3rd). Third place will be occupied by Ghanaian Vincent Torgah. Two places behind him, André Odoh (5th), Simeon Udum (6th), Francis Epe (7th), Christopher Francis (8th), and in 10th place Sunday Olopade.

Willy Gift, well known and appreciated on the Cameroonian greens during the International Open of the same name finished 14th. And the last of the Nigerian delegation and 24th of the tournament will be Obadofin Donatus.

Best ranking of nations

 Many observers had given one of the Nigerian golfers the top spot. However, the Nigerian team with 6 golfers in the TOP 10 has the best ranking of the nations. Of course, this is a ranking that did not exist at this Ivorian tournament played at the Yamoussoukro golf club.

Nigerian golf is probably one of the best organised in sub-Saharan Africa and several of its professionals have often won awards at African international Opens. The average parenthesis in Ivory Coast will be forgotten before long by new green and white trophies.


                                                                                                                                        By Olivier Ducourtoix